Thursday, January 04, 2007

You just have got to read this from the NY Times blog. The relevant portion is quoted below.

Not so the Republicans convened upstairs. Waving his hands and stomping his feet, Representative Patrick T. McHenry of North Carolina acted out on Wednesday what the rest of the Republican caucus must have felt. “It is so hypocritical, just on its face,” Mr. McHenry fumed.

His complaint: That Democrats, on the verge of taking control of Congress, were planning to run the place their way, driving the legislative agenda themselves without input from the Republican minority.

Wasn’t that, someone asked, how the Republicans had run Congress for more than a decade?

“We didn’t campaign on this openness,” Mr. McHenry argued, denying that he and his colleagues were just being sore losers. “It’s not whining,” he said. “It’s a matter of calling them out on their rhetoric.”

Let me see if I'm understanding Rep. McHenry right. He's mad because the Democratic majority might treat his minority party the way his party, when in the majority, treated the Democratic minority...but he isn't mad that they might so much as he's mad that they said they wouldn't.

Sigh! They need to check some of these guys for rabies and brain tumors before they let them run for office.

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