Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Someone thought of the perfect replacement for Alan Colmes

Hannity and (Stephanie) Miller? Why Not? I feel kind of sorry for Alan Colmes. He really thought (I'm sure) that he was doing a Good Thing by being the liberal on a supposedly balanced talk show. He didn't count on the fact that the right wing media types know they have to go for vocal volume and lack of respect first, then think about brain power second. So Colmes, a bright and personable man outside of the Hannity killing field, did his best. But he wasn't up to the challenge. And, for his sake, I'm glad he has quit. But he needs to be replaced by someone as liberal, if not moreso, AND someone who is capable of our-shouting and out-obnoxious-ing Hannity.

Stephanie Miller. Ah, Stephanie, the beautiful host of a morning radio talk show who, while her show aired in Portland, kept me sane as I recovered from the shock of losing Air America Radio's "Morning Sedition." The one who hangs out (sometimes) with Barry Goldwater's granddaughter. The one who once embarrassed herself at an Oprah Winfrey sponsored fund-raiser for Barak Obama. The first talk show host I listen to who supported Barak Obama right out of the box. ("Mama's for Obama," she would say.) Yeah, her and Hannity. I might even watch that. (Until Hannity made me puke and then I'd send Stephanie my love, support, and some airline barf bags...)

Proof that there is a Divine Entity and It loves me

Ann Coulter's Mouth Wired Shut In Time For Thanksgiving I

t might not be the definitive trustworthy source but the headline alone made me laugh so hard I think my blood pressure dropped three points!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sound familiar? In a good way....

So does this sound like a previous President?

Obama said his plan would launch "a two-year nationwide effort to jump-start job creation in America and lay the foundation for a strong and growing economy. We'll put people back to work rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges, modernizing schools that are failing our children, and building wind farms and solar panels," as well as producing fuel-efficient cars.

WPA, maybe? Hey, it worked during the last depression...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Faux Snooze is BACK...or, to be more precise, never left.

From an email I received from Jonathan Alterman (Altercation). There are links in the email but I can't get them to copy over.

Altercation, by Eric Alterman
Mike Huckabee -- past and probably future GOP presidential contender, and of course host of a Fox News show -- says gay rights is a "different set of rights" than civil rights, and notes that gays aren't getting their "skulls cracked," so nobody's rights are being violated. Well, that's not really true, as Think Progress notes, but, needless to say, physical violence shouldn't be the bar for discrimination in this country.
Of course, there's all this:

In the course of his mocking diatribe, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld inserted an off-color, homophobic joke about Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA): "Look, I don't dispute that aliens exist, but there are more urgent threats than wrinkly creatures with a knack for anal probing. But enough about Barney Frank."

After Dennis Miller said that President-elect Barack Obama "ought to flatten these punks at AIG [American International Group]," Bill O'Reilly stated, "OK, and then arrest Barney Frank, correct?" Miller replied, "Barney might want to be arrested." In response, O'Reilly said, "Oh, jeez. Ugh," and shuddered. He continued, "OK, Dennis Miller, everybody. I told you to hide the kids."

On The O'Reilly Factor and in a FoxNews.com article, Bill Sammon suggested that Rep. Barney Frank allowed his relationship in the 1990s with Herb Moses, a Fannie Mae official at the time, to improperly influence his conduct as a member of the House Financial Services Committee.

Radio host Lars Larson played a spoof "Barney Frank for President" advertisement, in which a person said: "Now remember, this Erection Day -- Election Day, vote for Barney Frank for President. I'm Barney Fag -- uh, Frank and I approve this massage -- message."

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My family should all have lived to see today

My mother just called. She's still in tears. She went to bed at 10 her time, hopeful but not sure. Something woke her around 2 AM and she turned on her TV to find that something she never thought she'd live to see had come to pass.

When my mother was a child, she and her family spent some time in Miami. Since my Bubbeh (grandmother; I called my maternal grandmother that to distinguish her from Grandma, the paternal grandmother who haunts me...okay, she doesn't HAUNT me but she watches over me...) was unable to drive, she took the bus everywhere. One day, she saw a young black woman board the bus carrying several heavy looking bags. Bubbeh moved aside and motioned for the young woman to sit beside her. The woman refused, because it was illegal for a black person to sit in the front, or white, part of the bus. Bubbeh was insistent and to avoid causing a scene, the young woman sat down. The driver stopped the bus and threw both my Bubbeh and the young black woman off the bus. He also contacted the police who threatened both with arrest. Bubbeh was having none of this and she gave both the driver and the officer a large piece of her mind.

My mother cried last night and is still crying. She lived to see a black man win the Presidency of the United States. Okay, she said, yeah, he's biracial but that's even more astounding to her. The sight of so many black faces on the stage there, as the next President of the United States spoke to the crowd made her so proud. And it made her so miss her own mother, who dreamt of this moment.

Somewhere out there, Bubbeh (Manya) Kirtzman is laughing, cheering, and saying, "I told you so!" Grandpa (Kolya) Kirtzman is holding her hand and cheering alongside her. My father is there somewhere, trying to cheer but I'm pretty sure Grandpa Johnpoll is interrupting him and saying, "Hey, we got a pinochle game going here, pay attention!" (Grandpa Johnpoll had this strange way of never actually noticing skin color. Stephen Colbert claims to do it. Grandpa Johnpoll did it.) And Grandma Johnpoll was here last night, as she frequently is, nodding and laughing at me for doubting. (The dear departed have this annoying habit of doing that, don't they?)

I have a problem, though. My Nanowrimo novel is a dystopia based on a continuation of the policies set by the Shrub Disadministration. I don't see that in the future anymore and I just plain can't write it. Help? Someone? Plot Ninja, plz?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

One of my fondest dreams has just come true.

I got to hear Jon Stewart announce that Barak Obama is the next President of the United States.

MSNBC Widget

It appears to work, given that no polls are closed yet.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

I forgot to post this yesterday.

I VOTED!!!!!!!

I proudly stand as a good American citizen, one who has done her part to change the course of the nation. If the election goes against my favorites, I have at least earned the right to protest it.

I have no desire to live in the nineteenth to early twentieth centuries. That route lead to two world wars. I want to live in the future.

And Not-Joe the Not-Plumber? Neither do you, pal.

They're grasping at straws with a vengeance

I've heard the same political ad three times this morning. It's all about Rev. Wright again. Is that an act of desperation or is it a clever tactic to scare last-minute voters away from the polls?

I'm in love with "You don't need to boo, you just need to vote." Yay, Sen. Obama! I wonder if you came up with that all by yourself.

I think I'll turn off the tv and return to Nanowrimo and the depressing world I've invented for it.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

It takes too much energy for me to get up and go into the next room to change the channel.

So this means I've been listening to the shrill screeching of Sarah Palin and senile ramblings of John McCain. And both of them have a very strange way of attacking Obama these days. They know that Obama has answered all their charges about raising taxes and socializing medicine. They know most Americans have heard him do so. And thus they are on a "he will have to" kick. They say, "His plan cannot be implemented UNLESS he....(raises your taxes, gives government control of your health care, gives lots of money to bail out banks, whatever.)" And they keep pumping up Not-really-Joe the not-really-a-plumber. They say he unearthed Obama's so-called "real goals" for America. Never mind that Obama answered not-Joe's question differently than not-Joe is claiming. (And, btw, the Obama campaign has NOT "investigated and attacked" not-Joe. In case you hear that idiotic claim.) And never mind that not-Joe now wants to be a big name, highly paid, talentless (okay, I don't know that part for a fact but I can only guess that he is based on how hard he's working to get those contracts he wants even with his built-in publicity...) celebrity. Sound familiar? Like, something McSame claimed Obama was?

Why do they keep bringing up JFK as a comparison to Obama? Do they think it makes Obama look young and green to compare him to the equally young if not quite as green JFK at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis? Do they not realize it makes the comparison between Obama and JFK stronger, makes Obama look better? I mean, we pretty much won the Cuban Missile Crisis! So I say, go for it! Remind us how much BA is like JFK. Works for me....

Does the fact that the audience automatically boo's the name Barney Frank strike anyone else as some anti-gay slant? Oh, sorry, yeah, that one went without saying, didn't it?

Is no one really paying attention to the timing of a World Series game? Obama did not delay the start of it with his infomercial. In fact, Fox News (for once not Faux) issued a statement to that effect.

The bottom line of all this is, dammit, I have to get up and change the station. And then get dressed and bundled up to walk to the library with my ballot. Maybe drink some coffee before. During. And after.

BTW, do my use of shrill screeching and senile ramblings sound like sexism and ageism? Too bad. She represents what is worst about some kinds of women and my father was that senile and I still loved him...but wouldn't trust him as Preznut.

My last ditch effort to be sure no one reading my words thinks Palin is a good choice for anything.

#23 Sarah Palin and First Dude Todd have close ties to the Alaskan Independence Party, which seeks to secede from the United States.

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