Saturday, November 01, 2008

It takes too much energy for me to get up and go into the next room to change the channel.

So this means I've been listening to the shrill screeching of Sarah Palin and senile ramblings of John McCain. And both of them have a very strange way of attacking Obama these days. They know that Obama has answered all their charges about raising taxes and socializing medicine. They know most Americans have heard him do so. And thus they are on a "he will have to" kick. They say, "His plan cannot be implemented UNLESS he....(raises your taxes, gives government control of your health care, gives lots of money to bail out banks, whatever.)" And they keep pumping up Not-really-Joe the not-really-a-plumber. They say he unearthed Obama's so-called "real goals" for America. Never mind that Obama answered not-Joe's question differently than not-Joe is claiming. (And, btw, the Obama campaign has NOT "investigated and attacked" not-Joe. In case you hear that idiotic claim.) And never mind that not-Joe now wants to be a big name, highly paid, talentless (okay, I don't know that part for a fact but I can only guess that he is based on how hard he's working to get those contracts he wants even with his built-in publicity...) celebrity. Sound familiar? Like, something McSame claimed Obama was?

Why do they keep bringing up JFK as a comparison to Obama? Do they think it makes Obama look young and green to compare him to the equally young if not quite as green JFK at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis? Do they not realize it makes the comparison between Obama and JFK stronger, makes Obama look better? I mean, we pretty much won the Cuban Missile Crisis! So I say, go for it! Remind us how much BA is like JFK. Works for me....

Does the fact that the audience automatically boo's the name Barney Frank strike anyone else as some anti-gay slant? Oh, sorry, yeah, that one went without saying, didn't it?

Is no one really paying attention to the timing of a World Series game? Obama did not delay the start of it with his infomercial. In fact, Fox News (for once not Faux) issued a statement to that effect.

The bottom line of all this is, dammit, I have to get up and change the station. And then get dressed and bundled up to walk to the library with my ballot. Maybe drink some coffee before. During. And after.

BTW, do my use of shrill screeching and senile ramblings sound like sexism and ageism? Too bad. She represents what is worst about some kinds of women and my father was that senile and I still loved him...but wouldn't trust him as Preznut.

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