Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Someone thought of the perfect replacement for Alan Colmes

Hannity and (Stephanie) Miller? Why Not? I feel kind of sorry for Alan Colmes. He really thought (I'm sure) that he was doing a Good Thing by being the liberal on a supposedly balanced talk show. He didn't count on the fact that the right wing media types know they have to go for vocal volume and lack of respect first, then think about brain power second. So Colmes, a bright and personable man outside of the Hannity killing field, did his best. But he wasn't up to the challenge. And, for his sake, I'm glad he has quit. But he needs to be replaced by someone as liberal, if not moreso, AND someone who is capable of our-shouting and out-obnoxious-ing Hannity.

Stephanie Miller. Ah, Stephanie, the beautiful host of a morning radio talk show who, while her show aired in Portland, kept me sane as I recovered from the shock of losing Air America Radio's "Morning Sedition." The one who hangs out (sometimes) with Barry Goldwater's granddaughter. The one who once embarrassed herself at an Oprah Winfrey sponsored fund-raiser for Barak Obama. The first talk show host I listen to who supported Barak Obama right out of the box. ("Mama's for Obama," she would say.) Yeah, her and Hannity. I might even watch that. (Until Hannity made me puke and then I'd send Stephanie my love, support, and some airline barf bags...)

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