Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yay us! (Jericho post)

The article is basically about CBS saying that Dan Rather saying Katie Couric bringing a "Today Show" atmosphere to the nightly news was sexist. The argument is silly. But later in the article, we get this lovely bit.

Meanwhile, Moonves said the network's decision last week to reinstate a canceled show called "Jericho" following an outpouring of viewer e-mails and other protests spoke to the growing influence of the Internet on broadcasters.

"It was a campaign that couldn't be ignored," Moonves said of the mobilization of "Jericho" fans, saying it was "astonishing and well-organized."

As part of the campaign, disgruntled viewers delivered thousands of pounds of peanuts to CBS's corporate offices, a reference to a scene in the season finale where a character replies, "Nuts!" to a demand that the town in Kansas, which had been isolated by a nuclear attack, surrender.

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