Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And I was SO hoping this was a gag site.

Well, it is. Just not in the sense of "gag" one usually expects from that phrase.

Check out "Feminism is Evil" and, once you've successfully suppressed your gag reflex, and stifled the laugh, and managed not to destroy your computer, realize that this person is in the minority among Americans. The trouble is, this minority is loud and colorful and manage to get way more press time than the size of the group warrants.

Beware of the feminists, many are lesbians!

Yeah, this guy WISHES that were true! It fuels his fantasies late at night, doesn't it? Perverted weirdos believe that little number.

I got the URL from a friend on LiveJournal who has managed not to puke all over her keyboard. I'm pretty sure my computer is safe but just to keep it that way I won't say anymore. Although I could go on.

If that's the minority, imagine what a majority of silent people not disagreeing with this kind of shit can do to my gag reflex...

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