Friday, October 12, 2007

My baby cousin has some good things to contribute to the conversation

Revealing the Total Guiliani
By Andrew Kirtzman
Sunday, March 18, 2007

After first misreading his intentions andthen underestimating his strength, waves of pundits are continuing to view Rudy Giuliani's lead in Republican presidential polls as some kind of giant misunderstanding.

But the fact is that the former New York mayor is the front-runner in the race and a huge new force in American politics. The time has come to stop wondering whether he's for real and start asking a far more important question: What kind of president would he be?

(Cont'd at link above.)

I'd stopped paying much attention to Andrew after the flurry of comments about his front page of the society section of the NY Times wedding announcement. (I do regret that the photo is missing in the Times' archive because, while Andrew does bear a remarkable resemblance to Stephen Colbert, the stand out item for me was that he was marrying a particularly good looking guy.) So last night I decided to search on his name again, just to get caught up on what the baby of the family is up to. I'm really glad I did.

Andrew has great qualifications for commenting on Giuliani. Read the article whether you support Giuliani's candidacy or not because as the Repig front-runner, his information needs to be known by everyone likely to be affected by him as candidate, if not as President.

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