Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Chris Matthews is a big, fat idiot.

It can't possibly be on YouTube yet because I heard it five minutes ago live. Talking about Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama, he said that something Hillary Clinton had said indicated that she was ready and willing and able to go

"mano a ma..uh..ma..uh, how do you say woman?"

Anyone who has finished first year first semester Spanish recognizes now that Chris Matthews is a fucking moron.

For those who took French, Latin, German, or any of the myriad other languages gracing our good Earth...mano doesn't mean man. Man is Hombre. (Silent h.) Mano is hand. Mano a mano means hand to hand.

Christ Matthews is a fucking moron.

If this shows up on YouTube I'll eventually link to it. But I had to bitch RIGHT NOW.

Because that's the kind of mano...uh...mujer (woman) I am...

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