Sunday, September 05, 2010

My $3 Craft Challenge Project

I never uploaded the tutorial pictures but I have the final product to show you. I'm not sure the tutorial is necessary. It's fairly obvious what I did. But if someone wants details, I'll be happy to explain what I did. (BTW, I do not ever again want to work with tis kind of fabric again unless it's to piece together finished napkins. Fake satin IS the Satan of fabrics!)

It is, unfortunately, too small for my head. I cut it the right size, but used wider seams than I'd meant to. This is my interpretation of a pillbox hat. I used a strip of posterboard that I had in my paper collection to stiffen the brim, but other than that it's all stuff I got at the Dollar Tree. Well, and thread. I didn't have any thread to match the napkins so I used the closest color I had (brown.) It was really easy to make but I don't think I'll make another one. I'm not a pillbox hat kind of a girl. But if I were, I'd want one in that color.

Have any of you finished your projects yet? I'm thinking of trying another of these for the fall, but will wait until I hear back no how others fared in this challenge.

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