Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Skirt of leftovers

I have some time to spend crafting thanks to the economy (and the failing health of the owner of the company I was working for.) So I can finally do some of my less pressing but still good projects. This skirt is made of strips from two COMPLETELY different fabrics from my unused extras pile. The print was for an appliance cover (not used since I decided to store the food processor in the cabinet) and is an upholstery weight cotton and acrylic (not to be confused with polyester) blend of some sort. The solid is cotton flannel leftover from my successful handkerchiefs project. Neither is going to fight wrinkles at all and washing this will be A Pain. But I love how it looks, both on the hanger and on me. So I'll find a way to make it work. Now I have to go find the crochet hook I dropped behind the bed last night. You should see the stash busting I'm doing!
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