Sunday, March 19, 2006

On Friday, Congressional Quarterly got funny

This was in Friday's mid-day update from Congressional Quarterly. I am used to them being blunt but not sarcastic. I confess, I put in a good bit of time snorting over this.

Let's see * maybe the motto at the Department of Homeland Security should be: "Do as I say, not as I do." CQ Homeland Security reports that the federal agency charged with guarding the nation's cyber infrastructure has again received a failing grade for monitoring its own computer systems. DHS received an "F" on the annual Federal Computer Security Report Card released yesterday by the House Government Reform Committee * the third consecutive year it has flunked. The report card is produced in conjunction with the Government Accountability Office and based on reports submitted by agencies on their compliance with various information security requirements in the Federal Information Security Management Act. DHS needn't feel too embarrassed, however. The government-wide grade was a "D+", as it was last year.

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King Kong said...

an 'F'! for the t h i r d year in a row.

No chilg ;rft behind - what about no government adgency left behind.