Monday, March 06, 2006

This is so darned cute!

I may have to make some penguin sweaters. I can't find any pictures but it sounds adorable. I hope someone is still taking them for sale (I realize they aren't needed for the penguins anymore.) And I need an Opus doll to dress in one.

On a more serious note, this was posted in a friend's Live Journal. Read it and marvel at the time frame in which it was written ( August, 1995.) Summary/first paragraph:

"THIS MAY BE YOUR FIRST NOTICE OF THE COMING AMERICAN RELIGIOUS CIVIL WAR (ARCW). If so, you should date and preserve this warning. Then your distant descendants (maybe the "Daughters of the ARCW") can have something to be smug about--in the unlikely event that they, and this notice, survive the fires, and anybody can still read

After reading about the attempt by Missouri legislators trying to make Christianity the official state religion (Constitution be damned, apparently...) I'm getting more and more worried about where this country is going.

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