Monday, May 21, 2007

I can't believe not a single US news source has any of this

I found this in half dozen Canadian and British articles and it's referenced at Alternet, but had to go to a dot org to get anything of substance about it from within the U.S. Why is this being played as a non-event?

Democrats unlikely to fund abstinence-only education programs

WASHINGTON - Underlining the shift in the policies between a Republican-controlled Congress and a Democrat-controlled one, it is being reported that the Democrats are unlikely to extend funding for abstinence-only education programs. The funding for the currently existing programs under Title V is to expire on June 30.

Democrats feel the programs have not worked at all and hence there is no meaning in funding ineffective programs. Rep. John Dingell, chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee has called the program a huge failure and his comments seem to point to the premise that funding for these programs is likely to be halted.

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