Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Can anybody help?

I have no idea if anyone ever reads this blog, so this is a combination request for help and plea for attention.

Can anyone who uses Blogspot and knows the ins and outs please let me know if I can get my blog stats and if so, how? I just want to know if anyone is reading this at all.

A negative answer won't stop me from posting because, frankly, I like my own prose. But I wonder how much I information I really need to add for others to read. I know how I think and why. But do you?

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Kronda said...

You can go to http://www.easycounter.com/ and get a counter which you can put into your blog template. I wondered the same things you did. I feel much better knowing around 5-10 unique visitors per day visit my blog. That's more than I thought I had! I figured it was just my girlfriend reading and she already knows what happened.

I found you via your comment on the LRBC blog. Perhaps we'll run into each other sometime.