Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Good humor (and I don't mean ice cream) websites

I don't know about anyone else but I needed a good laugh this morning. And a few websites came my way via various friends to provide just that.

Bulletproof Baby is just adorable. In a sick and twisted kind of way, of course.

Marry Our Daughter has to be a hoax. It just HAS to be one.

I'm a Doctor Who fan. And I like LOLCats. I'm not alone. So the combination was inevitable. While there are lots of LOLWho selections, this is the first time I've seen them combined. And so well, at that.

Last night I served my vanilla lavender ice cream (well, it was really ice milk since I tried to go healthy with it in view of the preggo pre-diabetic in the group) and learned two things. One is that ice milk made in my ice cream maker never gets creamy. The other is that I can make damn tasty ice cream. I wish I had a recipe, but I didn't write it down. Sigh!

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