Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Speaking of unfortunately necessary re-makes

Phil Ochs' "Cops of the World" spoke to the hearts of many of us during the Viet Nam debacle.

Ochs isn't around to rewrite his song to suit the times. I'm not sure he needed to, but some guy named Ryan Harvey did. I find it inferior to the original but I applaud the attempt. (It's obviously a pre-2004 rewrite.)

(This video was originally found on the Portland indymedia website but I don't recognize the location, the singer, the song, or the occasion. Not that I've been to every rally in the entire metro area but that one looks particularly large and I've only missed one of those, one that was too early on to have included some of the references in this song. If anyone recognizes where this is from, I'd love to know. Just to satisfy my own curiosity.)

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