Friday, September 05, 2008

In case anyone reading my blog doesn't know what a community organizer is...

(and if you're reading my blog and don't know what a community organizer is, I want to know why you read my blog...)

I found a good article about this at, of all places, Time Magazine's blog.

Additional information can be found at the always fascinating Wikipedia, and Ability Maine (an online resource guide for folks in the Northern Star State) has a guide for community organizers that also explains quite a lot.

And anyone who believes in smaller government ought to BY NATURE believe in community organizing.

Okay, I've bellyached myself to a headache. I'm still getting over the irony of Rudely Giuli-9/11 speaking to a crowd that booed the concept of eastern elitists. For that matter, the irony of that description coming up for ridicule from the mouth of Mitt Romney, former governor of eastern elitist MASSACHUSETTS is making my blood magnetic. I think I'll go eat a cookie and settle down now.

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