Saturday, September 06, 2008

Uppity/ball-busting...po-tay-to/po-tah-to Or not!

First a Congressman from Kentucky referred to Obama as a boy. And now a Congressman from Georgia calls the Obamas "uppity."

Do we get to hear that in the south those words mean something different than they do here in the (elitist?) north? (Sorry, since I live in the "wild west" I guess I shouldn't say here. )

And if someone calls Sarah Palin a "girl" will there be a backlash? How about if someone calls her a "ball busting broad?"

I realize she's the VEEP candidate and Obama is the "real" candidate (oh, was that offensive? Oh, I'm SO sorry.....yeah, right!) and thus the comparison is unfair. But to whom? And why? They're both minority type candidates, and it could be argued they share the distinction of winning their slots by being minorities. He got a lot of national exposure due to his race and she came to the attention of the Repigs partly by having a vagina. So IMNSHO it's fair to look at the epithets likely to be hurled at each by virtue of their shared minority status as candidates.

Use some of the nasty names applied to Hillary Clinton against Palin and you'll hear at least a dozen righty bloggers cry out against you for being mean to such a lovely, elegant, etc. lady. Use some of the nasty names Sen. Clinton's supporters used against Obama and you'll be a righty blogger. Or equivalent to them. And yet how many of the left wing bloggers are scrupulously avoiding using the gender-based terms against Palin simply because it's not "right" to call a lady those things?

I'm going to forgive myself right away for any nasty gender-based epithets I hurl against Sarah Palin. I'm just warning you all. Don't give me any shit about it. I'm not going to use racial epithets against Obama because, well, I like Obama. Also, since I'm female, using gender insults against another (gods, I love Samantha Bee) Vagina-American is fair. In the same way, I'm sure Condi Rice could get away with calling Barak Obama some racially charged things. But Condi, for all her blind loyalty to a moron, is a lady and a scholar and she would never utter such words. By comparison, Sarah Palin is a bitch and an addle-brained broad.

Up until the minute I heard the name Sarah Palin, I was worried that McSame would choose either Joe Lie-berman or Condi Rice as his running mate. The Lie-ing man scared me because he could bring a lot of Dems to the Repig side. Condi scared me because she's (a) qualified as hell and (b) not only African-American but female, giving the ticket a one-two-THREE punch. But Condi is a follower, not a leader. And Lie-er is, if you can imagine it, an even less energetic speaker than McCain is. And the choice of a weird fembot from Alaska, while surreal, makes a kind of sense, I suppose.

And now I need a breakfast cookie. I can tell this election is going to cost me in the effort to lose weight. Every time I feel my blood pressure rise I grab a glass of wine and a cookie.

At least it's heart-healthy red wine. And not before noon.

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emily said...

A great quotation I stumbled upon:

"Maybe someone should remind Sarah Palin that Jesus Christ was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate was a governor. 'Nuff said."